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Back Ground and Aims Today, with 20 years going into the 21st century, accelerated developments in science and technology on the one hand bring unrivaled progress and happiness to society while on the other hand they bring bottomless confusion and crisis. The Applied Social System Institute of Asia (hereinafter, ASSIA) was established in 2017 as a research center focusing on social sciences to tackle the difficult issues of this new era. Nagoya University has a history of building up a number of milestones in social science research, but new perspectives and approaches are needed for issues that appear one after another over time. Therefore, the ASSIA aims to create innovative new fields by collaborating with cross-cutting research outside the scope of existing social sciences, and with fields in the humanities and natural sciences more broadly. It also aims to find clues that solve real-world problems through the realization of such trans-discriminatory intellectual mobilization.

The meaning of ASSIA Today, as people's activities are globalizing, it is appropriate and important to recognize social issues not as concerns of individual regions or countries alone, but as issues common to all humanity. Also in our research, collaboration with researchers all over the world is inevitable. In this respect, Nagoya University has a long tradition of collaborating and interacting with Asian universities and research institutes, and has established educational and research bases in various places and cultivated human networks. By effectively utilizing the intellectual property of Nagoya University, we can gain a great advantage. Of course, it does not mean that the target of our research is limited to Asia, but that the challenge of addressing all humanity issues with the people of Asia will be a great force in promoting research and disseminating results. There is a reason why the organization takes on Asia.

Research Projects Currently, ASSIA has three research divisions: Environment, Human Resources, and Institutions. In addition to researchers of ASSIA other faculty members of Nagoya University participate in research teams where The Graduate School of Humanities, The Graduate School of Education and Development Science, The Graduate School of Economics, The Graduate School of Law, The Graduate School of Life and Agriculture, The graduate school of International Development and The Graduate School of Environmental Studies have established a cooperative relationship. Our research theme is not limited to the above three research divisions, but we wish to be a platform that accepts and develops free and innovative research. In the future, while expanding the network inside and outside the university, we intend to develop research that leads to problem solving and welfare improvement in the real world. We look forward to your continued guidance and support.