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No. 研究分野・テーマ / タイトル / 著者 PDF 日付
22-03 アジア共創教育研究機構活動報告書 2017-2021 PDF 2022.3


No. 研究分野・テーマ / タイトル / 著者 PDF 日付
22-08 [環境・脱炭素]
Optimal location for large-scale wind farms in China
Wang Jiayang
PDF 2023.3
22-07 [環境・脱炭素]
Productivity and Eco-Efficiency of Chinese Industry
Watanabe Takatoshi and Fujikawa Kiyoshi
PDF 2023.3
22-06 [環境・脱炭素]
Carbon Leakage in Carbon Taxes and Emissions Trading Scheme Taking China as an Example
Ban Hikari and Fujikawa Kiyoshi
PDF 2023.2
22-05 [環境・脱炭素]
A Resource Allocation Model for Estimating Indirect Earthquake Damage: The Case of a Tokyo-Epicentered Earthquake
Watanabe Takatoshi, Shimoda Mitsuru and Fujikawa Kiyoshi
PDF 2023.2
22-04 [環境・脱炭素]
Introduction of Extended Producer Responsibility in China
Li Yang and Fujikawa Kiyoshi
PDF 2023.1
22-03 [環境・脱炭素]
Climate policies in China: Renewable Energy Introduction and the National Emissions Trading Scheme
Wang Jiayang, Ju Yiyi and Fujikawa Kiyoshi
PDF 2022.11
22-02 [環境・脱炭素]
Factor analysis of changes in CO2 emissions in China
Ye Zuoyi and Fujikawa Kiyoshi
PDF 2022.10
22-01 [環境・脱炭素]
Initial allocation of emissions trading among sub-regions in China
Ju Yiyi and Fujikawa Kiyoshi
PDF 2022.9
21-07 [環境・脱炭素]
Cambodia's Development Financing and Collaboration with Japan
Runsinarith Phim
PDF 2021.9
21-06 [環境・脱炭素]
Opportunities for Developing Tourism in Cambodia including the Japanese Collaboration
Rido Thath
PDF 2021.9
21-05 [環境・脱炭素]
Impacts of COVID - 19 in Cambodia and National and International Responses
Sovannroeun Samreth
PDF 2021.9
21-04 [環境・脱炭素]
Re-evaluation of trade in services from the perspective of trade in service intermediates
Ye Zuoyi and Lee Jinmyon
PDF 2021.8
21-03 [環境・脱炭素]
Carbon Storage and REDD+ in Virachey National Park
Chou Phanith and Fujikawa Kiyoshi
PDF 2021.8
21-02 [環境・脱炭素]
Joint Credit Mechanism (JCM) : Official development assistance in the era of decarbonization competition
Fujikawa Kiyoshi
PDF 2021.7
21-01 [環境・脱炭素]
An Examination of China's CO2 Emissions:Generating or Receiving Carbon Leakages
Vo Tuyet Le and Ju Yiyi
PDF 2021.6
20-03 [環境・脱炭素]
The Economic and Environmental Impacts of Power Supply Configuration Change in China:
An Application of Scenario Input - Output Analysis
Wang Jiayang and Fujikawa Kiyoshi
PDF 2020.12
20-02 [環境・脱炭素]
The Economic and Carbon Impacts of China's Outward FDI
Ban Hikari and Fujikawa Kiyoshi
PDF 2020.11
20-01 [環境・脱炭素]
Generating or Receiving Carbon Leakages? An Examination of China's CO2 Emissions in Asia
Vo Tuyet Le and Ju Yiyi
PDF 2020.10
19-02 [環境・脱炭素]
Evolution of Export Product Space: A case of Korea
Bawoo Kim and Jinmyon Lee
PDF 2020.3
19-01 [環境・脱炭素]
The Effects of Energy Transition Policy on Manufacturing Sectors in Korea
Sungkeun Park and Jinmyon Lee
PDF 2020.3